Ambre Kelly is a multi-disciplinary visual artist living and working between New York City and South Carolina. She paints, she draws, she installs, she collages, she films, she videos, she performs, and she dances (well).

Ambre studied painting and printmaking at American University, obtaining her MFA in Italy in 2006. Since Kelly has shown work as herself, and the co-operative domestic art collective BOYFRIENDGIRLFRIEND, at Anna Kustera Gallery, Artists Space, Collective Show, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, ABCyz, Hypegallery (Milan, Italy), Halsey Gallery (Charleston), Spring Arts Collective Gallery (Los Angeles) & more.

She is co-founder of SPRING/BREAK Art Show, a contributor to the Underground Library, the manager of the Old School multi-purpose artist space in NoLIta, and the owner of The They Co. Kelly has curated and organized large-scale art exhibitions since 2008, including WISH MEME, in participation with the New Museum’s IDEAS CITY biennial. 

In her spare time, she works on friends' films as a production designer and production artist, including APARTMENT TROUBLES (Jennifer Prediger & Jess Weixler), HIGH PHANTOM PLAYBACK (Andrew Gori), PARTY TRICK (Andrew Gori & Jesse Allen), FRONTIERSMAN'S WIFE (Jesse Allen).

A little more about...

Born South Carolina


2014          Black Mirror | SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York City

2013          Please Take Me Off Your List | WISH MEME Exhibition, New Museum's IDEAS CITY Festival, New York City


2015          2015:1947 | Equity Gallery, New York City

2015          Transaction | SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York City

2014          Collective Show Mexico City | CASA MAAUAD, Mexico City

2013          Everyday Vertigo | SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York City

2013          Collective Show Mexico City | Neter, Mexico City

2012          Never Ever Ever Land | Anna Kustera Gallery, New York City

2012          Apocalist | SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York City

2011          Please Take a Piece of Me With You |New Museum Festival of Ideas, New York City

2010          Collective Show New York | Participant Gallery, New York City

2009          ABCyz | Silvershed, New York City

2008          Naivete | The Metric System, New York City

2007          Artists Space | Night of 1,000 Drawings, New York City

2006          LA Art Walk | Spring Arts Collective Gallery, Los Angeles

2006          Artists Space | Night of 1,000 Drawings, New York City